The Photogenic Supply Journal

Photogenic Presents, Episode 12: Expired Film Club
To celebrate the launch of our brand new collab, we interviewed EFC creator Miles.
New Pennant Colors
We've restocked our popular photography Pennants and have added several new colors as well.
The Photographer's Coloring Book
You’ve just finished up a morning photowalk and you see a small, inviting store across the street...
Make A Photograph Today Coins
It's been raining all day and you haven't made a photograph in weeks...
Introducing BOLTS Film
We're back again with a brand new special edition film - BOLTS Film, available in both B&W and Color for 35mm Film Cameras.
Aperture Valet Trays - The Catch Tray for Photographers
A few days ago, we announced the launch of our leather Aperture Valet Trays. This is the story of how the Photographer's Catch Tray came to be. 
Freestyle Photo - 75 Years of Film Photography

Today we interview the original darkroom outfitters - Freestyle Photo - as we launch the new Photogenic x Freestyle 75th Anniversary Collection

Introducing the 35mm Whisky Glass
Today, we are introducing the 35mm Whisky Glass. Individually made by hand in the USA using a patented process that permanently embeds the film canister into each glass. 
Introducing The 35mm Pint Glass
At Photogenic Supply, we're always trying to make something special. This time, we're pretty sure we succeeded.
The Twin Lens Reflex Wood Camera

By now you've probably heard the story of our previous Wood Camera, as it was one of our most-read and shared pieces ever. Well, our latest Wood Camera is here. Introducing the TLR Wood Camera... 

New Design Alert! The AE-1 Tee
The AE-1 Film SLR Tee Every film enthusiast is familiar with this Single Lens Reflex camera, and you might even have seen one in a box in your grandpa's house somewhere.  Wikipedia calls the Canon AE-1 "a historically significant SLR". And if...
The Story of The 35mm Wood Camera
This is the story of how the 35mm Wood Camera came to be. Read the unlikely tale of what it took to put together one of the most beautiful photography gifts ever made.
New Hoodies in the Store!
Just in time for some cold weather here in Philadelphia, we've got some exciting news for you...  First of all, we restocked all of our hoodies from last year.
New Design: The Nifty Fifty
Every good photographer knows that no matter what camera you shoot with, nothing beats the classic 50mm lens.
1980's Tee Now in Monochrome
The 1980's was a particularly colorful time - photographically and otherwise. But sometimes, you just want to see things in black and white. So today, we're launching one of our favorite designs in a new color. As far as this...
This Is How I [Film] Roll

This Is How I Roll Tee.

The first flexible photographic roll film was sold by George Eastman in 1885. 

The 1893 Instantograph
The 1893 Instantograph In 1886, J. Lancaster & Sons of Birmingham (England) began to manufacture what would become one of the best-selling cameras of the 19th century.
The Photography Hoodie is Here
Photography [Since 1827] Hoodie You guys asked and asked for it, and we finally got a chance to make it. Today we're announcing the release of the Photography [Since 1827] Hoodie. It's made of the same ultra-soft yet strong material...