Introducing BOLTS Film

Introducing BOLTS Film

Photogenic Supply BOLTS Film

Photogenic Supply x BKIFI BOLTS Film


Last year, we introduced our first ever custom photographic films for 35mm cameras - 2020 Worst Year Ever and our STARS Film. This year, we're back again with a brand new special edition film - BOLTS Film, available in both B&W and Color

Once again, we worked with our friends at BKIFI in Brooklyn to make these special films, and they are only available for a short time in a limited quantity. 

Color BOLTS Film

The color BOLTS film features a pre-exposed pattern of small neon-green Flash Bolts, which will appear on every frame after you shoot the roll and develop it. 

The film can be developed at any photo lab or at home using standard C-41 process. 

Part of the fun of this experimental film is not knowing exactly how the pattern will turn out and where the Flash Bolts will show up in the frame. 

Here are some examples, showing you a few sample photos we took in various places using this film. 

Photogenic Supply BOLTS Film Color 35mm

Here's David in our Est. 2016 Tee. This is probably my favorite image from the entire test roll because of how nicely the Bolts blend in with the overall framing. 

Photogenic Supply BOLTS Film Color 35mm

It's interesting to note that depending on how closely you focus and what your depth of field is, the appearance of the Bolts will change. 


Photogenic Supply BOLTS Film Color 35mm

The color of the background matters too - dark background work better to show the Bolts, since they will appear lighter and brighter than the rest of the image. 

Photogenic Supply BOLTS Film Color 35mm

The Bolts are oriented up and down in landscape orientation, so if you shoot portrait (like this photo taken inside Photolounge here in Philadelphia), the Bolts will be oriented left to right. 


Black & White BOLTS Film

We also made a B&W version of the BOLTS film, for those of you who prefer to shoot in monochrome. For the B&W version, note that you should focus on generating plenty of shadows in your frame, so that the Bolts will stand out against them. 

Photogenic Supply BOLTS Film B&W 35mm

This sample frame was shot in Rittenhouse Square, here in Philadelphia. 

We also recommend you try underexpose your frames by a stop or so, to ensure the Bolts show up properly. Because the film has already been pre-exposed with the Bolts on it, the more you overexpose it, the less the Bolts will stand out in the final image. 

Photogenic Supply BOLTS Film B&W 35mm

The sharpness of the Bolts will vary from frame to frame, depending on where you are focusing and your depth of field. 

You can see all of our custom films here. Please note that they are all made in limited batches, so if you'd like to try it out, get some before it sells out.



Pano is the creator of Photogenic Supply. He wrote this post, and took these photos, as well as all the other photos on this website. If you want to contact Photogenic Supply, you can email us and we'll get right back to you. 

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