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Freestyle Photo - 75 Years of Film Photography
Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Freestyle Photo Today we interview the original darkroom outfitters as we launch our Photogenic x Freestyle 75th Anniversary Collection In 1946, just as the United States was emerging from the shadow of World War II, Sam Fatman and...
Welcome to Photogenic Supply
After 5 Years of being known as TogTees, today we are changing our name. Welcome to Photogenic Supply.
2020 TogTees Gift Guide
The 2020 TogTees Gift Guide This year, we launched a wide variety of new items. To help you sort through them all, we compiled this easy-to-use 2020 Gift Guide. Use it to quickly narrow down your choices based on price...
Introducing the 35mm Whisky Glass
After the success of our 35mm Pint Glass, we knew we had to make something for our Bourbon, Scotch and Whiskey fans.

Today, we are introducing the 35mm Whisky Glass. Just like our Pint Glasses, these are individually made by hand in the USA using a patented process that permanently embeds the film canister into each glass. 
TogTees Presents, Episode 3 - Darren Burton
This Episode features local Philadelphia photographer Darren Burton, a street, portrait, editorial and commercial photographer, and one of Philly's top photographers. Darren has been a good friend of TogTees since before we even launched, and today we are proud to present our interview with him. 
Introducing The 35mm Pint Glass
At TogTees, we're always trying to make something special. This time, we're pretty sure we succeeded. Today, we're excited to introduce one of our most unique creations to date - the 35mm Pint Glass.  These 16oz Pint Glasses are individually hand-made...
TogTees Presents, Episode 2: Nicolette Passerello
This is Episode 2 of our new series, TogTees Presents. In each Episode, we will select a photographer from around the world, and showcase their photography with a short interview. If you'd like to be considered for a feature, please contact us. ...
Film Available for Sale

We recently started offering 35mm film for sale on the site. We have a variety of films in stock, including some of the most popular color and black and white film stocks: Kodak Portra 400, Ilford HP5, Kodak Ektar 100, Japan Camera Hunter Streetpan 400, and a lot more!

TogTees Presents, Episode 1: Takashi Fukukawa

Our very first Episode features long-time TogTees fan Takashi Fukukawa, based in Tokyo, Japan. You can find him on Instagram at @fukukawatakashi, and also on Etsy. We interviewed him about his photography, his tools, and his new project, Tokyo Triptych. 

The interview was conducted using Google Translate, and has been lightly edited for clarity. 

9 Photography Resolutions for 2019

Now that 2018 is finally over, it's time to take a few minutes and focus on what really matters: How will you become a better photographer this year?

Once again, we've got some great tips to get you started. This is our third annual post on the subject... 



2018 - The Year in Review
Our Busiest Year Yet 2018 was quite the year for the small team at TogTees. It was just our 2nd full year in existence, but we had a lot to show for it. We shipped over 1,000 tees to 29...
The Twin Lens Reflex Wood Camera

By now you've probably heard the story of the 35mm Wood Camera, as it was one of our most-read and shared pieces ever.  And for good reason: the story is unique, interesting, and - like most good things in photography- came somewhat unexpectedly. 

Well, our latest Wood Camera is here. Introducing the TLR Wood Camera... 

Interview with Phoblographer Founder Chris Gampat

The Phoblographer has long been one of the leading sources of information for the modern photographer. It's also been our favorite photography blog for years.

We were lucky enough to be able to team up with them to do a unique collab. As part of that process, we sat down with the Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Chris Gampat. 

Join us as we learn more about Chris, The Phoblographer, and what inspired the designs in this new collection

Travel Without Photography Is A Sin
Maxwell Barna is a local photographer and writer based right here in Philadelphia. He has written for national publications such as Vice, Huffington Post, High Snobiety, HypeBeast, Thrillist, Leica Camera, and many more.  This is the second piece in a...
Why I Shoot Film - But Also Everything Else
I love all types of photography—film and digital—for different reasons. Since the battle between film and digital has become such a hot button issue recently, I figured I—as someone who truly enjoys shooting both—should weigh in on the issue...
We're Going on Vacation
TogTees is going on vacation. We'll be back mid-August.
No One Does The 4th Like Those Who Did It First
No Place Like Home Fourth of July Fireworks on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Shot on a 50mm f/1.2L Lens at f/1.2, 1/45th sec, ISO 800.  These days, you're getting a lot of emails about the 4th of July, Independence Day,...
Traveling the World to Photograph, with Tim Landis
Tim Landis is a world-famous professional travel photographer based here in Philadelphia. Tim has achieved what many aspire to - he makes his living traveling the world and sharing incredible photographs with his 600,000 Instagram followers as @curious2119. Tim's busy schedule finally freed up...
Interview with Japan Camera Hunter
Japan Camera Hunter is a Tokyo-based film photography connoisseur and procurer of high-end equipment. JCH - as most people know him - has established a reputation over the years of being able to find rare, limited-edition, and ultra pristine condition cameras and...
New Design Alert! The AE-1 Tee
The AE-1 Film SLR Tee Every film enthusiast is familiar with this Single Lens Reflex camera, and you might even have seen one in a box in your grandpa's house somewhere.  Wikipedia calls the Canon AE-1 "a historically significant SLR". And if...
8 Photography Resolutions for 2018

Now that 2017 has come and gone, and you've made a list of all the photo gear you want to get this year (or already got during the holidays), it's time to take 10 minutes and focus on what really matters.

How will you become a better photographer this year?

Luckily, we've got some great tips to get you started, in this (very) comprehensive article...