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Travel Without Photography Is A Sin
Travel Without Photography is a Sin, by Max Barna
Why I Shoot Film - But Also Everything Else
I love all types of photography—film and digital—for different reasons. Since the battle between film and digital has become such a hot button issue recently...
We're Going on Vacation
TogTees is going on vacation. We'll be back mid-August.
No One Does The 4th Like Those Who Did It First
No Place Like Home Fourth of July Fireworks on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Shot on a 50mm f/1.2L Lens at f/1.2, 1/45th sec, ISO 800.  These days, you're getting a lot of emails about the 4th of July, Independence Day,...
Photogenic Presents, Episode 6: Tim Landis (@curious2119)
Tim Landis is a world-famous professional travel photographer based here in Philadelphia. 
Photogenic Presents, Episode 5: Bellamy Hunt, aka Japan Camera Hunter
Bellamy Hunt (better known as JapanCameraHunter) is a Tokyo-based film photography connoisseur and procurer of high-end film photography equipment. 
New Design Alert! The AE-1 Tee
The AE-1 Film SLR Tee Every film enthusiast is familiar with this Single Lens Reflex camera, and you might even have seen one in a box in your grandpa's house somewhere.  Wikipedia calls the Canon AE-1 "a historically significant SLR". And if...
8 Photography Resolutions for 2018

Now that 2017 has come and gone, and you've made a list of all the photo gear you want to get this year (or already got during the holidays), it's time to take 10 minutes and focus on what really matters.

How will you become a better photographer this year?

Luckily, we've got some great tips to get you started, in this (very) comprehensive article... 

2017 TogTees Gift Guide
We know that choosing the right present for someone can be tough - heck, we've been there! So we put together a little gift guide to help you get just the right thing. To be more useful, gifts are ranked...
The Story of The 35mm Wood Camera
This is the story of how the 35mm Wood Camera came to be. Read the unlikely tale of what it took to put together one of the most beautiful photography gifts ever made.
HOODIE WEEK is here - Get 25% OFF All Hoodies
Our first annual Hoodie Week is live! Save 25% OFF on any photography Hoodie for yourself or your favorite Photographer.
New Colors for ISO 800 and Old School

We've added 2 new colors to some of our most popular tee designs.

Old School, which celebrates the beloved Twin Lens Reflex Cameras of mid-20th Century photography, now comes in Night Sky.

ISO 800 - one of our best selling designs - now comes in Infrared. 


New Hoodies in the Store!
Just in time for some cold weather here in Philadelphia, we've got some exciting news for you...  First of all, we restocked all of our hoodies from last year.
TogTees Featured on PetaPixel!
Today we're being featured in PetaPixel!! Why is this exciting? Because PetaPixel is one of the world's biggest and most important photography blogs. With millions of photographers from around the world visiting their website and hundreds of thousands of followers on social...
Photogenic Presents, Episode 4: @ABrilliantDummy
We sat down with the artist to understand what motivates her passion for photography. 
It's Our Birthday!
365 DAYS Today is a big day for us here at TogTees: It’s our 1-Year Anniversary.  Yup, you read that right… TogTees has only been around as long as it takes a DSLR to become obsolete.  And yet somehow, we’ve...
New Design: The Nifty Fifty
Every good photographer knows that no matter what camera you shoot with, nothing beats the classic 50mm lens.
Featured on JapanCameraHunter!
Last week, we shipped a couple of tees to Tokyo, Japan, to our friend Bellamy over at JapanCameraHunter.  Today, he posted a photo of our 1980's Tee on Instagram.  It looks like he really likes it...   Check it out:  Got me...
1980's Tee Now in Monochrome
The 1980's was a particularly colorful time - photographically and otherwise. But sometimes, you just want to see things in black and white. So today, we're launching one of our favorite designs in a new color. As far as this...
This Is How I [Film] Roll

This Is How I Roll Tee.

The first flexible photographic roll film was sold by George Eastman in 1885. 

The 1893 Instantograph
The 1893 Instantograph In 1886, J. Lancaster & Sons of Birmingham (England) began to manufacture what would become one of the best-selling cameras of the 19th century.