It's Our Birthday!

It's Our Birthday!

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Today is a big day for us here at TogTees: It’s our 1-Year Anniversary. 

Yup, you read that right… TogTees has only been around as long as it takes a DSLR to become obsolete.  And yet somehow, we’ve managed to do a lot in the past 12 months.

Here’s a quick run-through of our achievements so far:

  • Created some pretty awesome tees.
  • Took some photos of our photographer friends wearing them.
  • Sold hundreds and hundreds of tees to photographers all around the world.

It’s been quite a ride, and right now we’re working harder than we ever have on all the upcoming new goodies we’re preparing to launch this year.  Between shooting photos professionally, working on new designs, making sure our tees are top-notch, fulfilling orders, and working on new products, sometimes it’s hard to catch our breath.

But the response from all of you, from Pauline in the Netherlands, to Adam in Nebraska, has been well worth it. And the passion and love you’ve all shown us* has made us know and believe it’s the right step to keep trying to come out with clever new tees and innovative products defined by great design, high quality, and durability. 

TogTees Photo Tees

From our very first photo shoot, back in early summer 2016. 

Of course, it all began long before June 1, 2016.  The original idea for TogTees was hatched back in the fall of 2015.  One day, after a long day shooting, one of us had the idea of making some top-quality tees specifically for photographers. The other one agreed (very begrudgingly) that this idea might hold a minuscule amount of merit.  So we immediately started working on design ideas, finding top quality garments, and making sure we could produce expertly-printed, long-lasting tees. 

Then we talked to all our Philadelphia photographer friends for hours and hours (thanks so much guys!) and got their input on designs, styles, fabrics, and so much more.  Once we had the first set of designs, we had to make sure they were printed the way we wanted them (much easier said than done), and after a few trials and more than few failures, we finally had our first batch of picture-perfect tees ready... The rest is history.

There’s a lot more in the works for this year, and we’re very excited about all the new things we’re working on for you right now.

We want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has supported us during this first year of life.  We want you to know that we greatly appreciate it each time you place an order, and we love packing up your tees, hats, pins, stickers ourselves, and writing you a personal note. 

At the beginning of 2017, we sent out a survey to you all to find out what you want to see from us, and dozens of your responded.  The input was extremely valuable in showing what you guys want to see from us, and we got working on it right away. 

You’ve already seen the results of some of that, and there’s a lot more to come.  That’s the beauty of a couple guys working on their own instead of some big company: you tell us what you like, and we try to make a high-quality version of it. A few weeks later, after some prototypes and testing, we have a ready product to show you. We love this direct connection with you all, and we’re going to keep it that way.  So please continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us, and we promise we’ll keep on reading every single email and message you send us.

So on this occasion of our 1 year as a company and as a brand exclusively made by photographers, for photographers, we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support.  We are truly grateful for your support, and we would not be here without you.


The Photographers at TogTees

PS – Here’s a few of the people that wrote about us during our first year. 

Japan Camera Hunter

StreetsDept Blog 

The Slanted Lens (and here

Styled Democracy 





If you know of someone who would like to review TogTees, let us know!


*Actual Reviews from you guys (see them on our website):

- “The ISO 800 Shirt is hands-down one of the nicest shirts I own” – James, Philly.

- “LOVE IT. Definitely going to be back for more. You should make hoodies too :D” – Feroz, UAE

- “It is well made and the cotton is so comfortable.  The design on it is amazing. I also like the variety of colors offered.” – Porfirio, Tuscaloosa

- “Soft and comfortable. Love it.” – Tyrece, Philly

- “Fit was good and very comfortable. Graphic was expertly rendered and appropriately large: love it! I own this camera and will wear the shirt proudly. Delivery and packaging were nothing short of amazing, and had several lovely personal touches... swag, cards, wrap... a level of service not expected from an internet tshirt company! Felt like I was dealing with another individual! Thanks!” – Anonymous, Unknown Location

- “Super soft tee, great design, timely delivery.” – Eamon, Philly

- “sdfsdfsdf” – sfsdfs, Unknown Location

(Not sure what that last one means, but it sure sounds positive!)


If you want to find out when we launch new stuff, be sure to follow us @togtees



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