Make A Photograph Today Coins

Make A Photograph Today Coins

Make A Photograph Today, For Tomorrow Is Uncertain


Make A Photograph Today Coin Photogenic Supply

It's been raining all day and you haven't made a photograph in weeks. Your camera sits in the corner, sad and alone, yet loyal and patient. You mumble to yourself, "Eh, I'll go out and shoot tomorrow..." as you rotate your swollen, sore body to a more comfortable position on the couch.

Then - suddenly - you catch a glimmer out of the corner of your eye.  There, on the corner of the coffee table, almost hidden under a stack of papers just dying to be recycled, lies your Make A Photograph Today Coin.  Your friend (mom/brother/girlfriend/cousin) got it for you a while back as a present. 

Make A Photograph Today Coin

You pick it up slowly and run your fingers over its hardened ridges. "Make a Photograph Today" the front declares. "For Tomorrow Is Uncertain", says the back.

Down below, in smaller type, helpful tips remind you how exactly to take a photograph, in case you forgot.... "Focus, Compose, Stop Down, Expose".

Above, a date reminds you that people have been making photographs since the year AD 1827. A long time indeed, you remark to yourself. 

Make A Photograph Today Coin Photogenic Supply

As you ponder the mezmerizing details of the coin design, you realize tomorrow is uncertain. Who knows what will happen? Your roommate (cat/mom/brother/pet lizard) could bump into your camera and knock it off its pedestal, rendering it unusable and shattering your photographic future.

Make A Photograph Today Coin Photogenic Supply

You might find out that you have to suddenly move to another country, and you somehow forget to pack your camera as you rush to the airport. Unlikely yes, but still in the realm of possibility.

Or, the rain turns into a torrential downpour that lasts for weeks, and you and all your townspeople cower in fear, unable to exit your homes to document the world around you.

Make A Photograph Today Coin Photogenic Supply

With a loud CRACK!, you throw the remote at the television, jump up like an electrocuted subway rat, and grab your trusty camera.

There is no day like today. There is no time like the present. It's time to Make a Photograph. 

You put your camera carefully in your camera bag, throw on a sweatshirt, and head out the door in a flurry, coin in pocket.

Today, you will make a photograph. For tomorrow is uncertain. 


I hope you enjoyed this little piece of creative writing - it was an attempt to describe the story behind why we created these coins.

Our brand-new Make a Photograph Today Coins are limited edition and come in 3 different styles.  

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