Photogenic Supply Flashbulb T-Shirt Gift for Photographers in Forest Green
Photogenic Flashbulb T-Shirt for Photographers Forest Green
Photogenic Supply Flashbulb T-Shirt Gift for Photographers in Glacier
Photogenic Supply Flashbulb T-Shirt Gift for Photographers in Redshift
Photogenic Supply Flashbulb T-Shirt Gift for Photographers in Warm Grey

Photogenic Flashbulb Tee

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Photogenic Flashbulb Tee

As we combed through all the things that would capture the excitement of photography, one item stood out. The now-obsolete hand-held flashbulb, that powerful symbol of photographic yesteryear. 

Flash photography was first developed in the 1860s via flash lamps and flash powder. Open flash lamps used magnesium ribbon and later potassium chlorate, were ignited by hand - essentially creating a miniature explosion to light up the subject.  This was a very dangerous and unreliable method to illuminate a subject. 

Lucky for us all, in the late 1920's, the first flashbulbs were developed. This marked the start of a new era, where photographers could safely illuminate their subjects in a predictable manner, without risking their hands, or worse. 

If you've ever taken a photo with a flash - whether on your DSLR or your phone - you have the invention of the flashbulb to thank for that. 

And what better captures the excitement, intensity, and spontaneity of an image captured than a flashbulb?


This shirt is hand-printed with a long-lasting inks on a premium ultra-soft poly-cotton blend shirt that won't fade or stretch - no matter how much you wear it.

The most comfortable t-shirt you've ever worn. With an exclusive design you won't find anywhere else.

Printed with pride, quality, and attention to detail in the USA. 

Free Size Exchanges on all Apparel. If it doesn't fit right, exchange it for the right size within 30 days for free. 

Our tees are true-to-size, and slightly fitted (modern fashion fit, but not slim fit). If you're not sure, we recommend ordering a size up. 

If you need more, here's the Full Size Chart with all the details. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review



They wrote me a personalized note by hand that came with the package. That was a nice detail. The hat fits great and feels really comfortable. Highly recommend.

Zach M
Provo, UT

Given as a Birthday gift. My friend couldn’t stop raving about how much she loved them and how cool they were! Mission accomplished!

Carole L
Trenton, NJ

This is an incredibly high quality sweat shirt and the design and stitching of the Photography logo is awesome. REALLY worth the price and a sweatshirt that will last a long time. Going to order in another color as well!

Keith S
Chicago, IL

Very comfortable and a very cool shirt. Please keep up the good work turning out awesome designs.

Paul L
Rochester, NY

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