Photogenic Presents, Episode 9:  Nicolette Passerello

Photogenic Presents, Episode 9: Nicolette Passerello

Photogenic Presents, Episode 9:  Nicolette Passerello

Our latest Episode features film photographer Nicolette Passerello, based in Southern California. You can find her on Instagram at @novanicolette.

Nicolette's excellent use of in-camera double exposures on film and the beautiful tones in her color 35mm photography caught our eye, so we recently interviewed her about her photography.
  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in southern California, specifically in a little suburban town called Foothill Ranch. I currently reside more near the coast now, in a city called Costa Mesa. My main source of income currently is my 9-5 desk job working in wholesale account management for a women’s activewear company.


  1. Tell us about your photography. How and when did you start photography? What do you like to photograph?

I have always been interested in the art of photography for as long as I can remember, however I found a new appreciation for it when I started shooting film about six years ago.

This all began when my boyfriend and I went camping in Big Bear Lake and he let me borrow his Canon A-1. I instantly fell in love with the look of film! I mainly like to photograph nature scenes and landscapes.

But I do like to photograph people just as much! I guess it just comes down to what type of project I am working on and what I am feeling/inspired by that specific day.


  1. What is your primary camera and film? Why do you like each one?

My primary camera is a Canon AE-1. I like this camera because it is very versatile, straightforward and you can do double exposures on it pretty easily! This camera really has done me no wrong and I bring it with me everywhere.

My primary film is Portra 400 mainly due to its versatility in the day as well as the night. I also highly enjoy expired slide film (such as Velvia) when I am feeling extra creative, due to its insanely beautiful color shifts.


  1. Tell us about what you’re working on now, or next? What types of photo projects?

Right now I am currently working on some fun, personal spooky Halloween projects in the spirit of the season! I am also in the middle of working with a very magical and empowering brand that promotes self love and healing!

I don’t want to announce that just yet as I would like to keep some element of surprise :)


  1. Suggest 1-2 photographers you really like that you would recommend people follow.

Being a female in the photo community, I tend to look up to other females who have been successful in making a name for themselves in the industry.

I would highly recommend checking out Olivia Bee’s work (@oliviabee) as well as @ediesunday! They both have such a unique style and I am highly inspired by them and their work.

All images used with permission of the photographer.

A big thanks to Nicolette for the interview. Please be sure to check out her wonderful photography at @novanicolette.


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