About Us

Photogenic Here For The Photos 

We believe that Photography is the most powerful form of human expression, and it deserves to be celebrated.

I picked up my very first camera over 25 years ago, as a child. It was my grandfather’s black Canon A-1 35mm film camera. I still treasure it and use it to this day, decades later. 

What I’ve learned over the last 25 years is that Photography has a unique power to move us, unlike any other medium of expression.

There are photographs that make us cry, ones that make us laugh, and those that bring back special or mundane moments long gone by. There are even photographs - several of them - that have changed the course of history.

Our mission is to help drive your passion for Photography through cleverly designed, well-built, high-quality goods.

In 2016, we began making t-shirts featuring our original designs inspired by various aspects of Photography, from the technical, to the artistic, to the philosophical.

Since then, we have created hundreds of original products, including Wood Crafts, 35mm Pint Glasses, Rope Straps, Coloring Books, more T-Shirts, Hoodies & Crewnecks, and a lot more.

We have created dozens of unique items in original collaborations with both photographers and photography organizations. 

We have been featured by PetaPixel, MyModernMet, The Phoblographer, KenRockwell.com and many others.  

We have shipped thousands of our products to Photographers just like you around the world to over 42 countries. Many of our customers come back year after year, and we are deeply grateful for your support.

If you're new to the Photogenic Supply journey, we welcome you and hope you enjoy seeing our work for the first time.

We work hard every day to create great products, and we're proud of the final result.

We design everything ourselves.

We photograph everything ourselves.

We ship everything ourselves.

We do things a bit differently, and we think it's better that way.

We thank you for your continued support over these past several years, and we can’t wait to show you what we're working on next...

With gratitude,

Creator, Photogenic Supply
Philadelphia, PA

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