2023 Photogenic Supply Gift Guide

2023 Photogenic Supply Gift Guide

It's been a couple of years since we published a Gift Guide, and we've launched dozens of new products this year, so it's time to do it all again!

To help you sort through the 100+ different Gifts for Photographers we offer now, we compiled this easy-to-use 2023 Gift Guide. Use it to quickly narrow down your choices based on price range.

Everything we make is built to last, and it's all organized by category. That way, you can easily find that perfect gift for the photographer in your life - and make sure you're getting them something they will truly love, and keep for years and years. 

Below we've listed our most popular new items, so you know that any of these is going to make the photographer in your life happy this holiday season. 

Gifts Under $25

Photographer's Coloring Book

Photographer's Coloring Book

This beautiful, linen-bound adult Coloring Book is the perfect way to spend a quiet afternoon, coloring away at one of 30 completely original illustrations about photography. 

With pages spanning everything from intricate camera diagrams to the history of Photography, this Coloring Book will keep you busy for hours on end, helping you relax and de-stress as you consider your next photography project. 

Designed by Photogenic Supply and printed right here in Pennsylvania, this Coloring Book features a textured linen cover, perforated pages for easy removal, 30 original illustrations, 66 pages in total, and a story on the back side of each illustration. 

The perfect gift for a photography lover than also enjoys adult coloring books.


35mm Socks Purple Photogenic Supply

Now with 10 original designs to choose from, our ultra-soft Photographer Socks have been one of the biggest hits this year.

All of our socks are our own original designs (as always) and fully-knit into super high quality, Made in the USA combed cotton socks that will last for years.

Whether you're into film photography, digital photography, or phone photography, we have socks that you're gonna love, guaranteed. 

Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins Photogenic Supply

We made our very first Enamel Pin back in 2016, but this year, we went all out and launched an additional 10 new pins. Whether your favorite is the AE-1 Camera Pin, or a more abstract one like the Aperture Pin, these lovely little decorative pins are the perfect addition to your favorite camera bag, strap, backpack or jacket. 

They all feature premium locking clasps, so they won't fall off no matter where you decide to rock them. 

Each design comes in both Gold Hour and Silver Halide - so you can always pick your favorite. 

Gift Wrap

Photogenic Supply Gift Wrap

What good is the perfect gift, if you don't have the perfect Gift Wrap to properly wrap it up and present it in? Luckily, our brand new Gift Wrap is here just in time to take your gift-giving experience to the next level. 

Our premium Gift Wrap comes in 8 different original designs, all printed here in the USA on beautiful text-weight paper. Each roll is a generous 30" x 10' long, so you'll have plenty to wrap several presents. 

Choose one design for a uniform gifting presentation, or mix and match designs for a more colorful gift display.  

Gifts Under $50

Etched Rocks Glasses

Etched Rocks Glasses Photogenic Supply

Last year, we launched our first-ever Etched Glasses in a variety of styles. This year, we're introducing a special 2 Rocks Glass Gift Pack (in Aperture or Split Screen) that comes in its very own custom gift packaging. 

Each box includes 2 of our 11oz laser-etched Rocks Glasses and 2 coasters to accompany them. The glasses, the box and the coasters are all Made in the USA, like most of the items we make. 

An easy grab-and-go gift that will delight your favorite photographer, the 2 Rocks Gift Pack is the go-to gift for any photographer than regularly consumes liquids using a glass. 


Photogenic Supply Candles

What is a Photographer's Candle, you ask? Simple... it's a set of candles that we specifically created to evoke the different times of day that Photographers shoot at. Whether you choose Blue Hour, Golden Hour, Midnight, or the Full Day Set of all 3, you're guaranteed a sensory experience like non other. 

These premium candles are made of 3 simple ingredients - premium soy wax, fine fragrance oils, and a lead-free cotton wick. They are individually hand-poured into beautiful matte-black glass vessels right here in Philadelphia, and then carefully packaged into our very own custom-designed Gift Packaging. 

So whichever of our unique scents you choose, you know that your gift recipient will be very pleased. And if you get an extra one (or three) for yourself, we won't blame you.  

Rope Camera Straps

Rope Camera Strap Photogenic Supply

Our Rope Straps were so popular when we introduced them a couple years ago, that we decided to make them in a bunch of new colors this year. Now available in 16 different colors, our Rope Straps are perfect for any 35mm film camera or small/medium sized digital camera of any kind. 

Hand-made in Europe using professional-grade rope, these beautiful Rope Straps are the perfect way to dress up your favorite camera, and make a statement the next time you're out shooting. 

Our Rope Straps are available here on our website and also at dozens of camera shops around the country.  

Gifts Under $100

Hand-Made Aperture Mug

If you're looking to elevate your gift-giving this year and give them something truly unique that they'll use on a daily basis, our hand-made Aperture Mugs are a good place to start. 

These gorgeous, unique mugs are entirely made by hand right here in Philadelphia by a local ceramic artist we partnered with. Hand-thrown, hand-carved, hand-shaped, and hand-packed, these beautiful pieces are works of art that you can hold in your hand every morning (or afternoon...)

They are available in very limited quantities in 3 options: a speckled white Day Mug, a matte black Night Mug, or a 2-Mug Set of both. Whichever you chose, you (ahem, sorry.. your gift recipient....) will love and appreciate it every single day.  

Wall Decor 

Photogenic Supply Aperture Camp Flag

A few years ago, we decided we were done with the bare walls in our photo studio, and we set out to make our very first Camp Flag. Since then, we've expanded our Decor line to include over 8 different Camp Flag and Pennant designs, in a wide variety of colorways. 

This year, we introduced our brand new Aperture Camp Flag, as well as several new colors of our famous Chasing Light and Science & Art Pennants.  

All of our Camp Flags and Pennants are hand-made in the USA out of premium 100% Wool Felt. They are the perfect way to decorate your photo studio, office, bedroom, camera shop, living room, or anywhere else you like to hang out with your fellow photographers. 


That wraps up our 2023 Gift Guide. We do have a ton of other items available on the site, but in order to keep this Guide short and useful, we limited it to our best-sellers this year. 

If you want to see more, check out our Tees, Hats, Hoodies, Wood CraftsTotes, Bags, and more...

And remember, if you get them something and it doesn't fit right, you can always exchange for a different size, or even color, for free!

But whatever you end up getting for your favorite photographer (or yourself), we guarantee they're going to love it.

How do we know? Well, it's probably the over 500 5-Star customer reviews... 

Happy Shopping!

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