This Is How I [Film] Roll

This Is How I [Film] Roll

TogTees This Is How I Roll Film Photography T-Shirt

New Design: This Is How I Roll

The first flexible photographic roll film was sold by George Eastman in 1885. For the next 120 years, photographers around the world fell in love with photographic film as the primary means of capturing the world around them. 

Then sometime in the mid-2000's, the world's camera manufacturers convinced everyone that digital was the future, and over the next 10 years, film photography nearly died out. Nearly.

Luckily, a few faithful held on to this manual, "tedious", expensive, beautiful medium through the dark ages of all-digital dominance.

For those who never gave up on film, and those who are just discovering its beauty, we made this tee for you.

And with this design, we're introducing a new color, Night Sky.

Pre-Order this tee by April 10th to get the discounted price plus a free Photo Sticker Pack.

Also available in Monochrome.


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