2017 TogTees Gift Guide

2017 TogTees Gift Guide

We know that choosing the right present for someone can be tough - heck, we've been there! So we put together a little gift guide to help you get just the right thing.

To be more useful, gifts are ranked by most popular according to our many wonderful fans.



Our Tees are our clear #1 best-selling gift people get for their favorite photographer during the holidays (and other times of year too).  They're fun, easy to pick out a design or color, and they're a universal basic - who doesn't wear t-shirts? 

TogTees Gift Guide Tees

With dozens of cool designs to choose from, including ones for film photographers and digital photographers, you can't go wrong with a simple tee. We've also go both Men's Cut and Women's Cut tees. Either way, they'll love it. 



Next up are Hoodies. These are great for the winter months, and even going into the Spring when it can be kind of chilly. Our Hoodies are ultra-soft, super comfortable, and will last a really long time.

TogTees Hoodies

Hoodies are a great option for when you're looking for something more than just a tee to give someone.  All of our Hoodies are Unisex fit, so they work well for both men and women. (If you're getting one for a women, we suggest ordering one size smaller than normal). 



Who doesn't drink coffee (or tea?). If your special someone is a photographer, then they probably consume a lot of warm caffeinated beverages during their long editing/darkroom sessions.

TogTees Photography Mugs

Mugs are a gift that they'll use and see every single day, and our 16oz extra-thick ceramic mugs are guaranteed to last up to years and years of daily use, all while reminding them to do what's most important - get out there and make some photographs.  



Hats are a great option for those who love to wear them. As far as we're concerned, you can never have too many hats for those sunny days.

TogTees Photography Hats

We've got both dad caps and 5-panel hats, so you can pick one for each taste. 


5) Enamel Pins

We don't know what it is about them, but people LOVE enamel pins. Maybe it's because enamel pins are the perfect gift due to their versatility. They can go on a camera strap, camera bag, jacket, bookbag, hats, and more.

TogTees Enamel Photography Pins

They're fun, show off your passion for photography, and will be a daily reminder to get out there and shoot. Plus there's tons of different colors to choose from.


6) Handmade Wooden Camera

If you're looking for something really special to give that special someone, you're in luck. This year, we launched the first ever 35mm Wood Camera, and it's gorgeous. Handcrafted by a retired wood artisan right here in Philadelphia, it's something that will both make a statement and evoke passion for photography on a daily basis. This heirloom-quality item features 5 different types of wood that have been individually sanded, joined and finished by hand. 

35mm Wood Camera

The only bad news is that we only made 10 of them and as of this writing, there's only 3 of them left. So if you're still reading this in 2017, we suggest grabbing one before they're gone for good. 

That concludes it for the 2017 TogTees Gift Guide. We'll be adding to this and expanding it as we updated it for next year, but for now, these are our best-sellers!

Whatever you decide to get, we guarantee the person you give it to will love it. There's nothing like a super unique gift that speaks to their love for photography, and that they can use everyday. They'll thank you for it over and over... you'll see.


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