Photogenic Presents, Episode 8: Takashi Fukukawa

Photogenic Presents, Episode 8: Takashi Fukukawa

Photogenic Presents, Episode 8: Takashi Fukukawa (Tokyo Triptych)

Our seventh Episode features long-time Photogenic Supply fan Takashi Fukukawa, based in Tokyo, Japan. You can find him on Instagram at @fukukawatakashi, and also on Etsy. We interviewed him about his photography, his tools, and his new project, Tokyo Triptych. 

Editor's Note: The interview was conducted using Google Translate, and has been lightly edited for clarity. 

@fukukawatakashi Tokyo Triptych
  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Weekend film photographer (a sales engineer on weekdays). Father of an 11-years old girl who doesn't like being photographed.

Live in Shibuya, Tokyo.

@fukukawatakashi Tokyo Triptych


  1. Tell us about your photography. How and when did you start photography? What do you like to photograph?

 Since our daughter was born, I started photography to record her growth.

But recently she has not let me take her pictures, so I started shooting other things.

I like to photograph our daughter, family, friends and the city where we live.

@fukukawatakashi Tokyo Triptych


  1. What is your primary camera and film? Why do you like each one?

camera: Hasselblad X-Pan

reason: Almost the only one which can shoot full-panorama photos with 35mm films.

film: Rollei Retro 400S

reason: High transparency film base, and lower price.

@fukukawatakashi Tokyo Triptych


  1. Tell us about what you’re working on now, or next? What types of photo projects?

Now I’m working on making a series of photos titled  “Triptych Tokyo”.

I shoot a scene of Tokyo separately with a panorama camera and arrange those negatives to get the original scenery in a darkroom.

@fukukawatakashi Tokyo Triptych


@fukukawatakashi Tokyo Triptych 

  1. Suggest 1-2 photographers you really like that you would recommend people follow.

Elliott Erwitt: a legend of snapshooter with humor and love

@fukukawatakashi Tokyo Triptych

All images used with permission of the photographer.

A big thanks to Takashi for agreeing to be interviewed. Please be sure to check out his phenomenal work at @fukukawatakashi.


Editor's Note: From 2016-2021, Photogenic Supply was called TogTees. We changed our name in mid-2021, but you might still occasionally see our old name on our website. We're still the same people :)

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