New Pennant Colors

New Pennant Colors

New Colors - Here For the Photos Pennants

Photogenic Supply Here For The Photos Pennant

Last Fall, we launched our brand new Decor line, consisting of brand new Pennants and Banners.

Our Here For The Photos Pennants ended up selling out shortly thereafter, so we knew we were going to have to make some more. 

Well, we finally got around to it, and we thought we'd add some more colors to the gamut. 

Please welcome Sepia, Night Sky, Infrared, and Purple Fringe to the color options for the Here For The Photos Pennants!

Photogenic Supply Here For The Photos Pennant

Like all of our Decor - both Pennants and Camp Flags - these new colors are screen printed by hand, and then hand-sewn from 100% Wool Felt, right here in the USA. 

Here's a closer look at each new Pennant color:

Purple Fringe

Photogenic Supply Here For The Photos PennantThis color is named after the photographic phenomenon where a bright purple border can appear as a "halo" wherever a very dark space meets a very bright space in a digital photograph. This is also known as chromatic abberation, color fringing, or - if it's purple - then purple fringing. You can learn more about this phenomenon here


Photogenic Supply Here For The Photos Pennant Sepia

This color is named for the famous tint of antique photographs in muted brown tones. Fun fact: old sepia-colored photographs did not "turn brown" over time, as some people think. Instead, they were originally toned in sepia instead of harsh black and white to give them a softer and more dreamy look. 


Photogenic Supply Here For The Photos Pennant Infrared

In Photography, "infrared" refers to the part of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths longer than those of visible light. In other words, these wavelengths are invisible to the human eye.

However, did you know that you can actually modify a camera to record infrared light? You can do this with a film or digital camera by using an IR filter, or by permanently modifying a digital sensor. Read more about Infrared Photography here

Night Sky

 Photogenic Supply Here For The Photos Pennant

This color is named after the beautiful tone of a dark night sky. A deep, dark blue that is almost black but not quite. If you haven't seen a true night sky free of light pollution in a long time, try to make it happen. It's always worthwhile to see (and excellent for long-exposure astrophotography). 

No matter what color you get, these pennants are high-quality and built to last. They will adorn the wall of your studio, office, living room or anywhere else for many years to come. 

Each Pennant comes with 2 sets of matching ties, so you can even tie it to a pole if you wish, instead of hanging it on your wall (but in the end, the choice is yours).

Check out all 8 colors available now, and get one before we sell out again. 


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