New Hoodies in the Store!

New Hoodies in the Store!

Just in time for some cold weather here in Philadelphia, we've got some exciting news for you...

1) First of all, we restocked all of our hoodies from last year.

We've made a whole bunch more of everyone's favorites: 

Audiovisual Hoodie

TogTees Audiovisual Hoodie

ISO 800 Hoodie

TogTees ISO 800 Hoodie

and Photography [Since 1827] Hoodie

TogTees Photography Since 1827 Hoodie

2) Then, we also added new color options.

Audiovisual Hoodie and 1980's Hoodie are both now available in Monochrome!

TogTees Audiovisual Photography Hoodie MonochromeTogTees 1980's Camera Photography Hoodie Monochrome 

3) And finally, we created entirely brand new hoodies for y'all!

 We're excited to announce two entirely new hoodies:

Philly Home Portrait 

TogTees Philly Home Portrait Camera Photography Hoodie

and Classic!

TogTees Classic Photography Hoodie 18% Grey


See all of our available hoodies here:

TogTees - All Hoodies

Are there any designs you would like to see on a hoodie? We're always listening - let us know!

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