New Design: The Nifty Fifty

New Design: The Nifty Fifty

TogTees Nifty Fifty Photography T-Shirt


Every good photographer knows that no matter what camera you shoot with, nothing beats the classic 50mm lens.

Over the course of the 20th century, the 50mm lens came to be known as the go-to lens for street photography, portraits, documentary and more.

While other lenses might have a wider aperture or longer focal length, when it comes to bang for your buck, nothing beats the 50mm.  

So whether you're shooting analog, digital, or something in between, this is the tee that commemorates the most quintessential of lenses.

A subtle way to show your love for photography. Real photographers will get it. 

Pre-Order before MAY 1, 2017 to get the discounted price plus a free Photo Sticker Pack.

Also available in Landscape and Monochrome

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