Introducing the 35mm Whisky Glass

Introducing the 35mm Whisky Glass

35mm Whisky Glass Photographer Gift for Film Analog Photographers

After the success of our 35mm Pint Glass, we knew we had to make something for our Bourbon, Scotch and Whiskey fans.

Today, we are introducing the 35mm Whisky Glass. Just like our Pint Glasses, these are individually made by hand in the USA using a patented process that permanently embeds the film canister into each glass. 

35mm Whisky Glass Ilford HP5 Gift for Film Photographers

They're the ultimate gift for the photographer who enjoys whisky, whether it's Single-Malt Scotch, Bourbon, Tennesseee Whiskey, or anything else.   
These 11oz Glasses come in various film styles, including films from Kodak, Ilford, Fuji and more. 

35mm Whisky Glass Gift for Analog Film Photographers

We use real 35mm film canisters and permanently embed them into the glass forever. You would have to break the glass to get the canister out - they're in there for good!

These are in stock in limited quantities and shipping now.  

We also have 35mm Whisky Glass Sets in a variety of options, including ones that combine Whisky Glasses with our new Aperture Wood Coaster Sets

35mm Whisky Glass Gift Set for Film Photographers

Check out all the options for single 35mm Whisky Glasses and Whisky Glass Sets, and grab a unique, memorable gift for your favorite photographer!


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