2020 Photogenic Supply Gift Guide

2020 Photogenic Supply Gift Guide

The 2020 Photogenic Supply Gift Guide

Editor's Note: In May 2021, TogTees was renamed to Photogenic Supply. As such, this used to be called "The 2020 TogTees Gift Guide". To avoid confusion, the title of this post has been updated to reflect our new name. 

This year, we launched a wide variety of new items. To help you sort through them all, we compiled this easy-to-use 2020 Gift Guide. Use it to quickly narrow down your choices based on price range.

Everything we make at TogTees is built to last, and it's all organized by category. That way, you can easily find that perfect gift for the photographer in your life - and make sure you're getting them something they will truly love, and keep for years and years. 

Below we've listed only our most popular items this year, so you know that any of these is a good choice for a gift. 

Gifts Under $25

Aperture Face Mask

Aperture Face Mask for Photographers

These come in 3 different colors and are available as a 1 or 3-pack. They have rave reviews for their softness, full face coverage, and durability (they can be washed and even dried repeatedly while retaining their shape). 


35mm Whisky Glass

35mm Whisky Glass

Just launched last week, the 35mm Whisky Glass has already taken the world by storm.  These completely original whisky glasses feature a real 35mm film canister permanently embedded in them using a patented process.

They are made in the USA, and they make an excellent, unexpected gift for your favorite photographer, whether they prefer Bourbon, Scotch, or a nice cocktail. Heck, you can even drink water or orange juice out of them.

They also come in Whisky Glass Sets if you'd like to gift more than one. 


Aperture Socks

Aperture Socks Photographer Gift

This year, we introduced our first ever socks - our Aperture Socks.

Made in the USA from USA-grown cotton, these yarn-dyed socks are knitted (not printed), and as a result, they're super soft and comfy while also being really durable.

The colors won't fade, they won't stretch, and most importantly, they're stylish as heck. Also, the Night Sky color blends in well and matches most outfits easily. 


Aperture Adventure Tote Bag

Aperture Adventure Tote Bag

This year, we also launched our first-ever Tote Bags. The Aperture Adventure Tote Bag is made from 100% Organic Cotton, and is screen-printed by hand here in Philadelphia. They come in 2 colors, and are the perfect size for fitting books, an extra sweater, a camera bag, or whatever else you need to tote around (get it?!). 

Gifts Under $50

The top item under $50 that we sell is obviously our world-famous Tees. All of our Tees are printed here in Philadelphia on ultra-soft unisex poly-cotton fabric. Our tees are known for being stylish (they're every-so-slightly fitted), ultra-soft (you've never felt a tee this soft, guaranteed), and long-lasting (we're still wearing the first ones we printed back in 2016). 

Here are some of our top-selling designs this year:

Aperture Adventure Tee

Aperture Adventure Tee - Gift for Photographers

The super-cool Aperture Adventure Tee comes in 5 different colors in every size from Small to XXL. These tees - like all our tees - are unisex, and there are hundreds of women and men wearing them around the world. Pick your favorite color, and we guarantee you they'll love it. 

F-Stops Tee

F-Stops Tee Photographer Gift T-Shirt

A new tee that we launched just a few months ago, that has already proven very popular is our F-Stops Tee. These come in 3 different colors, and are a nice, subtle design most photographers will love, whether they shoot digital or analog photographs. 

Japan Camera Hunter Tee

Japan Camera Hunter Tee JCH Tee Film Photographer Gift TogTeesWe'd be remiss if we didn't mention our world-famous Japan Camera Hunter Tee. This unique design has made quite the splash worldwide since it was first launched as part of our exclusive TogTees x JCH Collection back in 2018. It was even spotted on famous Hollywood Director JJ Abrams, creator of LostArmageddon, Star Wars, and many others. 


35mm Pint Glasses

35mm Pint Glass Gift for Film Photographers

Our 35mm Pint Glasses were launched just a couple of months ago, and they're already being used all over the world, from Germany to Australia.  Like our Whisky Glasses, these are hand-made in the USA using a patented process, and you won't find anything like them anywhere else - we guarantee it. 

These 16oz glasses are beautiful, durable, and versatile, and photographers all over are asking for them for the holidays. You truly can't go wrong with this one. 

35mm Camper Hat


35mm Camper Hat Gift for Photographers 

We first launched the 35mm Camper Hat back in 2017, and since then, they've been so popular, we came out with 2 more versions - the 35mm Dad Hat, and the 35mm Cadet Cap


Gifts Under $100

Lightweight Zip Hoodies

Aperture Zip Hoodie Gift for Photographers

This year we launched our first ever Zip Hoodies, including the Aperture Zip Hoodie and the 35mm Zip Hoodie. These super-soft, slightly stretchy lightweight hoodies are perfect for that breezy fall day or just for wearing around the house during the winter when you don't want to turn the heat up too much.

They're super comfy, long-lasting, and your favorite photographer will enjoy them daily for years to come. 

Aperture Card Wallets

Aperture Leather Card Wallet Gift for Photographers

2020 was a year of first for us, including our first ever Leather Card Wallets. These limited-edition hand-stitched wallets are made just 1 hr outside of Philly deep in Lancaster County, known for its deep-seated craftsman tradition in leatherwork, woodwork, and similar trades. 

These Card Wallets can hold up to 8-10 cards, and have a front and rear pocket for extra cash or ID cards. They're made of premium Italian buttero leather, which will age beautifully over the years. We only made a handful, and they are available in 3 colors right now, assuming they're still available when you read this. 

Aperture Wood Coaster Sets

Aperture Wood Coasters

Like all of our Wood Crafts, these Aperture Wood Coasters are made completely by hand by our Master Wood Craftsman George, right here in Philadelphia. Also a limited edition, they are currently available in 2 different combinations of beautiful, exotic wood types. 


Gifts Over $100



Our first ever Crew Neck, the PHOTOGRAPHY Crew Neck is built on the legendary Champion 12oz Reverse Weave Heavyweight fabric known around the world for it's comfort, durability and weight. While these were launched as a preorder-only item, they are likely to make their way back soon, so if they're sold out, just enter your email to be notified when they come back in stock. 

SX-70 Wood Camera

SX-70 Wood Camera Box Gift for Polaroid Instant Film Photographers

It's a head-turner, but then so is the original SX-70 Instant Film Camera from Polaroid. Inspired by it's iconic shape and fame as the first truly instant Instant Camera, we set out to create a fitting tribute to this cult classic. 

Our SX-70 Wood Camera is a work of art, and a heirloom desk item like no other. Each camera takes over 20 hours of work to produce, with each piece of wood cut individually and then sanded, fitted, joined and finished entirely by hand. 

Only 10 of these limited edition cameras exist, and as of press time, several have already sold. If it's still in stock when you read this, and your favorite photographer is a fan of this camera, you best move quickly. 


That about wraps it up for our 2020 Gift Guide. Of course, we have a ton of other items available on the site, but in order to keep this Guide short, useful and usable, we limited it to our customers favorite items this year. 

If you like, you can also check out all of our Tees, Hats, Socks, Enamel Pins, Hoodies, Long-Sleeve Shirts, Wood Crafts, Masks, Totes, Bags, Film, and more...

And remember, if you get them something and it doesn't fit right, you can always exchange for a different size, or even color, for free!

But whatever you end up getting for your favorite photographer (or yourself), we guarantee they're going to love it.

How do we know? We have nearly 300 5-Star Reviews to tell us as much.

Happy Shopping!


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