7 Minutes With @ABrilliantDummy

7 Minutes With @ABrilliantDummy

After months of hard work, today we're launching a brand new set of original collab tees with made with Philadelphia's very own @ABrilliantDummy. To celebrate the launch of the first design, we sat down with the artist to understand what motivates her passion for photography. 

What was your first camera?

I started taking pictures on my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 some 5 years ago now. I remember people asking me to do photoshoots with them and when I would show up and pull my phone out- their jaws would drop...lol. As clients and projects began to get bigger I finally moved to an entry level Canon Rebel T5.

Describe your style of photography in three words

Pure colorful imaginations.

If you could be a world-famous X photographer, what would X be?

hmmm...wow this is a good question….but to answer this honestly at the moment, I think only time will tell what X will be. For right now I’m enjoying the process of how photography is being used to transform me, not just as an artist, but a human being. There are many fears that I've overcome and overcoming through photography and so many skillsets and leadership qualities that have been pulled out of me by way of photography, so I’m just really grateful of those things.

What’s your favorite lesser-known place to shoot in Philadelphia?

Germantown area has some nice wall backdrops and murals. It’s about 25 minutes outside the city so not too much traffic, but has a lot of Philadelphia history around.

What specifically is it about photography that you’re so passionate about?

I really love interior/set design- so Photography comes into play because it’s the tools I get to use to capture those ideas after they are brought to real life. Photography allows me to freeze those moments.

What’s your favorite TogTees design?

My favorite TogTees design is the Audiovisual collection you guys did with Darren Burton. Even though I love Photography and appreciate other areas of arts- I just think music is the greatest form of art. I like that you guys could mix the best of both of those worlds together.

Name 3 photographers you would give a TogTee to.

Rog Walker, Temi Coker, and Trisha Zemp.


Editor's Note: We just launched our first ever collab tee with @ABrilliantDummy.  It's called Take Flight and it will be the first of a series of designs we're doing together. Let us know what you think about it!


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